Happiness: A Unique Message

This is a wonderful and unique message on Happiness.  Enjoy and please pass it along as well as visit the website you will find in the blogRoll to your right.  Blessings, Maya

About theheartspaceblog.com

I am a Doctor of Energetic Medicine and a psychotherapist. Although my training is from Harvard, the world has provided me with a far greater education in my 28 years as a practitioner. I am an artist, writer and teacher. I love the tarot, the blues, the mountains of Colorado and have two daughters who see the world through the lens of a camera. I am passionate about the Mayan Calendar, food, love and adventure. I rarely stay in one place for very long and see the planet as my home.
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1 Response to Happiness: A Unique Message

  1. HappyChannel says:

    Thank you for featuring our video! We appreciate all the great work you are doing and look forward to continuing to learn from you. All the best, Linda Elwell

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