Maya Christobel


Speaking out is a Matter of Choice

My name is Maya Christobel and I am a healer. I have practiced as a Psychologist and practiced Energetic Medicine for 28 years. Although I am Harvard trained my real education simply came from Listening: Listening to my clients and being challenged and changed by every encounter. Listening to nature and her profound wisdom. Listening to my heart and learning to act on what I hear no matter what the cost. I bring to my life passion for living, for love, for my two amazing daughters that see life through their own lens and for personal transformation.

We live in unprecedented times, demanding that we grow or be swallowed up by the chaos and fear of change that encircles our planet like a jet stream. I am committed to staying open to whatever my heart tells me even if it leaves me living entirely outside of the boxes we have all allowed or personally constructed for ourselves. As the American Dream finally unravels and the stability’s we have called security in our lives are no longer stable, we stand together on the edge of all possibilities. Of all healing. Of a global expansion of consciousness.

I am eager to be one person sharing my images, my words and feelings and my hearts directives on this one small ‘Blog” in the Universe. Every week I will include poetry, inspirational quotes, messages I have been given as someone who channels, finding humor in Oklahoma and my journal writings regarding assisting my mother as she dies. My hope? That hearts will open. That community can come from the interaction. That you will share your life with me and with others and that together we will occupy our truest selves with integrity and love.

Blessings, Maya Luna Christobel

My name is Maya Christobel and I am a healer. I have practiced as a psychotherapist,

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