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I am a Doctor of Energetic Medicine and a psychotherapist. Although my training is from Harvard, the world has provided me with a far greater education in my 28 years as a practitioner. I am an artist, writer and teacher. I love the tarot, the blues, the mountains of Colorado and have two daughters who see the world through the lens of a camera. I am passionate about the Mayan Calendar, food, love and adventure. I rarely stay in one place for very long and see the planet as my home.

No Plot, No Direction, No Way

“Acknowledge your creativity and genius. The qualities of creativity and genius are within you, awaiting your decision to match up with the power of intuition.” Wayne Dyer Today I hit a speed bump. I had cruised down the mountain on … Continue reading

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The Tao of Dog Part One

THE TAO OF DOG APR 13, 2013 On Monday I woke up to a new awareness. It was very physical. My body was stiff and hurting.  I had been happily living an inspired life and “working” on taking a vision … Continue reading

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Who is your Neighbor?

WHO IS YOUR NEIGHBOR? NOV 23, 2012 I was rushing to a meeting with a new strategic planner and felt a little unprepared.  I’m a bit of a stickler for getting places on time.  I threw my briefcase into the … Continue reading

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Death is in the Details

I  have been living in my mother’s home, her world and her rhythm for nine months.  My life is on hold.  Instead of getting a cup of coffee with a girlfriend, or cleaning my house, seeing patients or weeding the garden, I … Continue reading

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History Starts Now

What kind world do you want?  Think anything! Lets start at the start,  Build a masterpiece. Be careful what you wish for, History starts now John Ondrasik, Five for Fighting A new young Blogger is making her history now and … Continue reading

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Life Question #1

Life Question # 1  “What is my Purpose in Life?”    Answer:  “To live fully the truest expression of your Spirit without hesitation or fear.”

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Happiness: A Unique Message

This is a wonderful and unique message on Happiness.  Enjoy and please pass it along as well as visit the website you will find in the blogRoll to your right.  Blessings, Maya

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God Says Yes to Me

May we all listen to this young woman shout out what each of us need to hear from our own Divine Heart.  Say Yes to your passion, to your creativity, to your anger, to your free thinking, to whatever will … Continue reading

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Bolivia Passes First Law to Honor Mother Earth as an Equal

Bolivia enshrines natural world’s rights with equal status for Mother Earth Law of Mother Earth expected to prompt radical new conservation and social measures in South American nation.   Bolivia is set to pass the world’s first laws granting all nature … Continue reading

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Poem by Andrea Cohen

            Truth in Advertising by Andrea Cohen If we’d moved her, she’d still have ’em, the ad for Acme Moving says, with a photo of Venus de Milo. But who, intact, would Venus be? Some standard-issue … Continue reading

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