Cosmos: Channelled by Maya Christobel

Channelled  February 2011   From Uriel

The Storehouse of the Heart

Maya Christobel

Archangel Uriel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael are

the four archangels mentioned most often in

Hebrew, Kabbalistic, Islamic, and Christian

traditions.   The name Uriel literally means

“Fire of God,” “Flame of God,” “Light of God,”

or even “Sun of God.”

“Now to the importance of Inspiration:  You know that my voice (Uriel) is different in that I am about clear and concise communication with those who can hear.  You humans have missed the boat, so to speak, on recognizing the more subtle feelings and emotions in your life as essential medicine for the soul.  You  focus on the sweeping emotions like anger, grief or joy.  But, there are so many subtle vibrational frequencies that the heart is capable of resonating with and these frequencies are like a fine, aged wine that brings with it a subtle fragrance and range that pleases the pallet more than the strong new wines that cost you nothing at the store.  My point is, that these subtle frequencies are not really emotional in nature but they are more direct communications from the storehouse of the heart, each expression capable of altering your mind, your health your life circumstances.

The heart is the healer of the body.  Not the mind.  The heart is capable of changing the cells of the body, healing, changing the world.  These subtle energies of expressions are inspiration, desire, hope, awe, wonder and gratitude.  How many people cultivate these expressions of self?  How many people feel wonder in their lives or cultivate building their lives from a place of hope and inspiration rather than perceived necessity, fear of the future or expectations of others?

Love is talked about all the time and most of the time this feeling of love is focused on love of another, finding the love of your life, being in love, falling in love.  Love has such a “complex” of expressions and inspiration, awe and wonder are full expressions of love.

If you are to survive as a species, your life must slow down enough to allow the heart to open and for your to vibrate at a level of inspired existence.  If you are simply hurrying from one thing to another, completing one task after the other, sitting in front of TV to decompress from the life you and only you have constructed you need to stop and think, stop and feel!   You need to consciously, the word is consciously, with intention and full awareness, seek out what inspires you and allow this to be part of your spiritual practice

If you cut your Soul off from these full expressions of joy and humanity, then you will develop illness, apathy, indifference and will not truly be living anything more than a life reactive to what is outside of you, rather than discovering that real wealth is banked in the heart and can change you, your world around you and the planet as well.

These are times in which we cannot afford to put off the awakening of the heart and the experience of love that has vast expressions.

You are such a “how to” society.  So wake up to “how to be”.  Intend and create opportunity to experience these subtle vibrational frequencies. These are the elixirs of life.  Flowers, children, animals, birds, color, music and beauty all possess these innate frequencies so fill your life with them…seek them out, volunteer, plant, water, go to greenhouses in winter, the art museum, watch the nature program, do whatever it takes to jumpstart your own innate capacity for these expressions of joy and love.

And first and foremost, figure out what it means for YOU to be inspired, awe struck, what helps you remember the wonder of life.  If you live in Detroit, or are surrounded by poverty, cannot fathom that there is any real beauty around you to inspire you, you are not looking hard enough.  That homeless woman, the crumpled piece of wrapping paper in the garbage, the stray dog, the little bit of green growing in the crack on your neighborhood sidewalk, are all expressions of wonder, love and perfection.  Just look!  Don’t close your eyes and you will be amazed.

So, I am going to talk with you about each one of these expressions of the soul in the next several channelings with Maya.  And this is what it is all about being human.  A soul incarnated in a body and spending all of ones lifespan figuring out how the body and soul integrate and communicate with grace.

I will illuminate one of these subtle love frequencies each time Maya channels.  The next one will be on Gratitude.

Please take your life seriously.  You are born with the responsibility to become heart felt in your living and your taking care of one another and the precious planet you live on, that without her you have nothing. Without your heart you have no life. Cultivate the awareness of how awesome it is to be alive and correct the path of your life if necessary to bring that awareness into action.

In Stellar and Endless Love, Uriel

Warning!  If you open your heart to love, to gratitude and to awe and wonder you will feel pain, sorrow, longing, grief, anger and hopelessness because that is what it means to be alive!”

I have been channeling all my life.  This year I was told to begin to take my current writings and make them public.  I will include excerpts of what I have been told with each of my blog entries.  Please use the information for your highest good.  Maya

“The Earth is going to find itself unable to cling to the old ways of being and doing in life.  It will simply become not only physically impossible to distract yourselves from your inner life, but it will become challenging on all the levels of physical reality, money, job, relationship, health.  Each person will have a challenge in one or more of these areas to drive you further into your own knowing and then from allowing, with patience, that knowing to emerge, you will see your next steps.  In residing in the heart (heart work) you set up an electromagnetic field that is what joins you to each other person, to animal and to plants.  It is in the disconnection from the heart that you disconnect from spirit and each other.  By strengthening the awareness of the heart and breathing into the heart you send out the connective tissue of energy that binds you to one another.  You must develop a practice of your own making to begin to teach others how to reside in and harness heart energy.  Heart is ‘the heart of the matter’ for this planet and it is the only place to be in the coming times.  Read the  book “The Biology of Transcendence,”  by Joseph Chilton Pierce.

Please contact me if you have comments and questions.  Blessings, Maya Luna Christobel


Coming Attractions 2011 and Beyond

(note:  This message is a departure from most of the messages I have received over the past two years and includes harsh images for our future that I believe is not to foster fear but to foster personal awareness that leads to personal responsibility)

“We are feeling that it is time for you to gain more clarity with regards to the coming events on your planet.   This is not meant to be a prophecy, yet these are events that are are destined to occur at some time in the near future.  In having some foresight into what is going to be happening you can adjust your current choices to support the events and create solutions for your lives that will be harmonious with the coming disasters.  These disasters are nothing more than openings for the human soul.

Your weather will be the first forecast of the larger changes as you are seeing right now in your news and you will begin to see the damages done by hurricanes and tornados will become staggering, displacing hundreds of thousands of people from their homes and tent cities will go up.  Disease will begin to become more prevalent since you do not have adequate water treatment alternatives in place for disasters of this nature. You must become educated about water, water sources and water treatment.  All of you.  Small migrations of people will begin taking place by 2010 and people will be leaving the cities in larger numbers for the north and for rural settings.  The weather will be unstable no matter where you are and you will be seeing drought and fire in major areas causing more loss of homes and displacement. All of this will radically effect available food and services. If you are not living in a sustainable community then you need to leave.  If you cannot walk to your nearest store for food or services, if there is no other transportation than a personal car, if you cannot keep warm or safe without  government controlled energy (gas, propane, electicity and water) then you need to reconsider where you are living or take the proper steps to changing how you live there.

Home is a very important theme right now since your home planet is about to insist on you being disenfranchised from any ways you have thought of Home.  Homeland Security is simply a metaphor.  Your own necessity to create at-homeness in yourselves and a kind of grounding in your own resourcefulness will become far more important than building structures.  The real estate problem is merely a symptom of the fact that as a species you have lost true connection to being at home in yourselves and embracing the symbiotic relationship you have with your home planet.  This break in this symbiotic relationship is why there is so much cancer and disease for you humans and why the Earth itself is breaking up and restructuring itself through what you call natural disasters.  These disintegrating experiences both as humans and as a planet will necessitate rekindling your deep relationship with the Earth for sheer survival sake.

You will find that community is the single largest commodity other than gold.  For those of you who have funds and financial resources please consider putting those resources into gold.  Even this will not stay stable for much longer but this is a way to protect funds that will be used to create solutions.

There will be another terrorist attack sometime in the next year most likely driven by your own government once again.  This will only serve as a means to create further fear in the populous therefore more guns and more violence will arise.  Cities are a breeding ground for fear and negativity therefore living out of cities is imperative in terms of energy management.  Let us say that the fear and violence will rise to a ‘peak’ as this paradigm moves to a breaking point in order for the patriarchal energy to finally be disarmed and crumble under its own weight. A kind of implosion. We encourage you to hold a still and compassionate center while the fallout of war and greed rages around you. Do not practice reactivity but pro-activity only.

This is the practice you must adhere to.  To hold this grounded center you must know yourself.   Change your priorities from putting your attentions on the external realities and turn this energy inward to your heart and to your releasing the truth of your own nature and your own destiny.  Do whatever it takes to become fully yourself so that you can begin to reconnect to each other and the Earth. We say this knowing that for most of you this means taking radical stances and changing your lives in risky ways.  Risking truthful personal inquiry on how you are really living, what your eat, how you spend your money, who your friends are, are you with the right  life partner, how do you limit your life force, is the work you do the work you need to be doing, are you taking control of your healing and health and learning to speak up and out in the world?  These are the changes totally necessary to your survival.

The avian flue is also a place to put some awareness and attention. This will be a reality in the next three years. Notice how noone is talking about a pandemic any longer.  Inform yourself.  You need to not be afraid because there is a predestined outcome for each of you that was part of your story before you ever incarnated on this planet.  Some will die because that is part of their story and they will be energetically available at that moment to help others.  Some will live because that is their story and they will be here to create a new paradigm and to restructure what is left of society.

But most of all, this disintegration that you will see and feel will take place in a thousand small but inter-connected ways from peak oil issues to food crises, banks closings, farming being under siege, water availability, and health issues.  This will be going on in progressive increments behind the scenes of large scenarios like War in Iran, typhoons, cholera or wildfires.

What you need to understand and feel all around you is that even in this difficult time for your planet there has never been in your human history more available assistance from outside yourself.  There are so many beings and energies poised to help as your awareness becomes open to that help and there are unprecedented numbers of extraterrestrial assistance going on all the time, making the way for this change in your human experience.  Your task is to shift your consciousness to embracing the transformation at hand instead of contracting in fear and confusion.

If you are reading this then you were born for the express purpose of being here at this time for these events.  You chose this.  You that are awake are here to do amazing things and help people through this transition, like birth, into a new life on your Earth. Into a larger expansive community with others and other planets.  You need to own this destiny you chose and live yourself fully in this process no matter how hard the choices you need to make will be.”

NEW VOICE:  “Here are some hard facts but part of the changes you need to consider.”

1.  “Take charge of your money.  Make sure it is not tied up in stocks or ventures that keep you money inaccessible.  If you must invest, put it in wind power or green technologies but we must say that they will be short lived and unstable in the future.  Stop hoarding money.  Use it to create options for yourself and others.  Sustainable choices in housing, growing food, transport, sustainable energy. A responsible response to reality.

2.  Become strong in your health.  Stop abusing your body with inactivity or bad food.  Practice the breath more and increase your stamina.  Very important for a strong immune system which you will need.

3.  Create community deliberately.  Stop being wishy washy about being together in groups.  You have all been too isolated for too long and are still reluctant to do the hard work of creating sustainable connections.

4.   Start listening to YOUR feelings and YOUR thoughts and YOUR heart and YOUR ideas and inspirations and creative impulses instead of listening to everyone else.  You are your authority and you need to start trusting in that.

5.  Look to the sky.  Realize that you are not the only beings in this universe and that you are not alone with your problems and worries.  Realize you are part of a great design even as things begin to fall apart.  This is faith.  Faith that you are held by love and are well taken care of no matter what.  You are the author of how you feel, the author of what you think and you have the power in a millisecond to change your feelings, your thoughts and your life.  Imagine what could happen if only you did all of this hand in hand and heart to heart.  This is the single greatest natural resource you have.

Spiritual Physics by Maya Christobel


“We live in a REDEFINING moment of history.  So, it would seem logical that each of us would be mirroring this moment in our lives.  Life is chaotic and uncertain right now.  Many of us have the capacity to feel all dimensions at one time: Physical, emotional, intuitive, mental and spiritual, as well as other dimensions that exist simultaneously or parallel to the reality we are in.  All of our sensory experience registers in a complex way and our mind makes every attempt to interpret, but it is a very difficult amount of energy for anyone to process in our unevolved bodies and minds. We  have not yet learned to center or focus on the data coming in from a purely intuitive and physical channel.

So, when your mind is activated and does what it has always done, you interpret the incoming experience with old outdated and delusional constructs and belief systems and can be very overwhelmed with energy.
The key to managing all these energies is the heart ,not the mind. But our species is living with contracted hearts which are not open to processing or transmuting these complex energies.  As a result we can become ill, dis-oriented and depressed.

Then, as you also know, the backdrop of energy in our culture and the world  is producing fear and pain, prompted by the influences of the cosmic forces bearing down on our planet.  There is a huge increase in energy that is chaotic and fear driven, also a magnification of energies due to the breakdown of our atmosphere, global warming and a shift in the EM energy on our planet.  That is why the mundane SEEMS so difficult to focus on, but in reality, is the most important practice you can do.  The mundane will ground you.  Eating, cooking, cleaning, gardening, walking the dog, taking a shower, are all ways to stay focused.  Then as you “pick up” information or feel strong feelings that many times are simply not your own, but floating debris, cast off emotions from all around you, then when they float by or stick to you or overwhelm you, you can let that energy go into the very things you do day to day.  Send the excess energy into the ground or into the sink with the dishes…consciously.

What I have mentioned is an external way you can manage the energy.   It is applicable to the negativity that is floating in the world around you.  You must also manage the energies internally and psychically.  Breathing is essential, exercise is essential, the proper food is essential, but meditation and quiet reflection, imagining and creative expression, identifying the feelings and releasing them, these are important ways to mange the energy and stay focused in hard times. The engine for all these ways of processing energy is the heart.  Love is the energy that balances out all other ‘out of balance’ or negative energies.

When you become afraid about where money is going to come from, you are submitting to a flow of energy all around you that is a cultural fear about money.  Therefore, first of all, turn off the news.  Only check headlines on your computer once in awhile.   Do not bombard yourself with outside information that is steeped in fear.  Everyone is afraid about jobs and money and security and personal resources.  Although circumstances are difficult at this moment, your major experience is that you become a conduit for the fear that is all around you.  Managing fear is essential since it causes physical harm and illness. without a full and open heart you cannot successfullychange or manage energy.

Fear in our world is at an all time peak, and  the weather around you on your planet is brewing up a storm of its own, the volcanoes are expressing themselves and so on.  As you can see, it will take more effort on your part to say centered and focused and not get all “riled up” so to speak.  The question you do not ask is what does it matter anyway?  What does it really matter that you do not have the money you desire?  What does it really matter that you could die, or loose a house or have to grow your own food?  What does it really matter at all?

Your Spirit is wanting to evolve and when you hold yourself in a place of fear and insecurity, doing mental harm to yourself with your ongoing thoughts and worry, your Spirit is held down and put in a cage waiting for you to relax and simply allow the realities around you to pass through and by you.  So change those realities.  Make a new stance in your life to only do what brings you joy. To play in your life.

Most us us are saying “how can I be happy and paint or draw or dig in my garden if I do not have money.”  Then you frantically try to “make money”.  You are contracted and edgy when you try so hard and that does not allow creativity to flow in the direction of money.  You think you need to draw money to you or security and resources toward you, when in fact it does not really work that way.  You create a flow of energy in and around you that is abundant and the Universe matches that energy with abundant energy.

If you have happiness and joy and not worry and fear, then that happiness and joy flows into the Universe which then mirrors the energy back toward you.  It is spiritual physics.  What you put out, your get back.  You have always thought that the laws of ‘what goes up must come down’ or ‘everything has an equal and opposite reaction’ are the primary laws,  but in truth, everything has a “unified reaction”,  a reaction of like to like.  Holism…you are happy and happy things happen, you feel abundant and imagine abundance and abundance happens.  But, if you feel scared and worried and frightened then that is what your experience will be. These emotions will shut down or contract your heart ,which will eventually show up as heart failure, heart attacks, a hardened heart.

We need to face our diminishing patterns, to deal with the ways we each hold ourself in prison with our fears or oour insecurities.  You have a wealth of experience that lets you completely KNOW how the Universe is simply always supporting you and there for your happiness and growth.  You need to remind yourself of this every day.  This is not a time to be Doing everything you can to make money or create the life you think you want.  This is a time that you should be Being every part of yourself every day and letting the laws of the Universe operate the ways it does.

This will feel paradoxical in that all around you you will see scary things and changes that will be difficult.  This is but one reality.  You can be your own weather front, your own sustenance, your own joyful heart.   Allow yourself to play, even if you feel you have to reinvent your life.  Allow yourself to play even if you need to make a phone call or design a brochure, or clean the cat box and pay your bills.  Allow the Universe, your guides, your faith to do the work of creating abundance even in times like these.  Inspiration is the key.  Do for yourself and for others what inspires you…all the time.  Learning and practicing living in and with an openheart.

The Window
By Maya Christobel

The world is reeling,
anxiously awaiting some cataclysm.
Another Ice age to kill off all the viruses,
wildfires to burn out all the dead wood
of a heartless society ,
the ocean current to stop,
the seas to rise,
the temperature to sore
out of control
until absolutely everything
that has been constructed
in the name of progress
comes to a grinding
irreversible halt.
The Planet is holding its breath.

We shake in our Gucci boots,
watching the bad news at 8,6 and 10.
eating up every morsel of violence,
plagued by uncertain indigestion,
thinking that it’s all about
something out there,
the shifting of the poles,
an asteroid hitting the planet,
the market crashing,
the President pushing
the red button
on life as we know it.
We are obese
with anxiety,
and drunk on fear.

The planet is waiting
to see what will happen,
taking our purple pill,
while drinking our Martini,
maxing out the credit card
to create a bunker of insulation
against the tides of change,
these impending
nameless disasters,
hoping against hope
that the angel of death
will pass by our door
and simply go to the neighbors instead.
What were there names anyway?

We are surfing all 465 channels
with the illusion of remote control
in the darkness of our apathy,
blue light flickering against bedroom walls,
passion all but forgotten,
hearts disconnected, as we linger
in the shadow of our own unconsciousness,
complacent to stay just as we are,
when all the while what we are really afraid of,
what is really happening
before our eyes,
inside out,
is that we are each perched
on the edge of a
chasm of self,
toes dangling over the brink,
we are burning up the dead wood
of the American Dream,
feeling our own tides rising
to threaten everything
we have constructed,
everything we hold dear,
feeling the call to abandon ship,
in order to break out
of the cocoon of ignorance
and birth our true nature,
a winged self.

We are rattled to the bones
at the thought,
at the impulse toward
like a suicide jumper on a window ledge,
inexplicably compelled
toward the light,
toward freedom,
overcome with a passionate urge
to leap headlong into the unknown,
but we would rather stay
ensconced and quietly hiding
in our misperceptions,
gripping our checkbook,
looking for a new savior,
frantically hunting down the boogyman
in Iran, In Iraq, in Harlem,
instead of facing
the wildfires of our own closed hearts,
the high seas of our withering soul
and courageously plunge headlong
into the vast knowable Universe,
that is right outside our window,
If we would only turn and look.

Technical Support from the Universe. Jan. 26, 2011

Channelled by Maya Christobel

“Speaking from the heart, recognizing the heart of the matter, healing the heart and opening the heart is how you and your planet are transforming, or maybe we should say what is transforming your planet. This is all any of you should be doing right now…that is not to say not to be prudent and wise in your earthly dealings and in your responsible action, but responsible action can only come from being heart informed. The changes occurring in consciousness on your planet all lead to a revolution of the soul, revolution as in a turning around and back toward self and toward unity with your own true nature and planetary environment. This disturbing disconnection is the source of all illness and disease and the cause of all the catastrophic problems the earth is facing. We would like to illustrate the problem.

In a “chat room”or email, people have the illusion of connecting to the world and others. These virtual experiences are not true energetic experiences at all and act as a kind of short circuit that unplugs the person from themselves. People live through extensions of themselves instead: cell phones, computers, TV, fax machine, electronics of every kind. They are like auric blocks that jam the frequencies of a person’s resonant field, changing the vibrational frequencies of the aura and of the heart. The beacon of energy that should be moving from one heart toward another is cut off or obscured, leaving the person feeling isolated when they imagine they are connected.

As a result it is like having lots of plugs and wiring going into an “extension” cord that then goes into the wall socket, that then goes to an outside transformer that then leads to the electric company. Overload and confusion are the result and all of this electrical jamming going on affects the entire health and well-being of a human. The same is true for the electromagnetic field of the earth. And then there is the energy being emitted from the devices themselves. This matrix of cross wired energy that the human exposes themselves to and is surrounded by needs to stop for your survival. This is how each individual is therefore totally disconnected from any other human body, mind, heart and soul because you are each incased in an chaotic electromagnetic cocoon of sorts that keeps you virtually out of contact with one another. The generation of your children have had the most exposure to these debilitating currents of energy and will be exhibiting more of the illnesses associated with over exposure to technology that have to do with the nervous system. This generation has no social skills, no inherent drive toward intimacy or capacity to source themselves. Thus the rise in suicides, depression and general apathy. Of course this is not even factoring in the exposure to the media, which we leave for another time.

Suffice to say that this overexposure and “lostness in the illusion” of connecting to the world at large through technology has been purposefully designed to unplug a human from its own energy source, the heart, and from keeping direct contact with the soul’s voice.

So, as you all face changing times and challenges that will necessitate leaving behind technology and restoring your genetic memory of connecting to the earth and the life forms on the earth, unless your capacity to connect to your higher self, your heart, is clear and open, then you will suffer through the changes in internal and mental chaos. We are simple in our advice to you: Turn everything off in your life several hours a day and listen to what is “natural”. Open windows, walk out of doors in the evening, write, sing, use candles, listen to the music of your heart and begin to learn to quiet your mind and restore your breathe…this practice is for your survival, not simply for your health and longevity. This reconnection to your source is the only intervention you need at this time. If it is not a priority then you must ask yourself why.”


Technical Difficulties

Channeled by Maya Christobel

This is from channeled information I have been receiving from the ‘collective source”, available to each of us.   I hope you find the information useful.
“Your relationship to health and to creating physical well-being can be assisted by the food you eat and additional herbs and supplements you take.  Yet, your relationship to your food and these additional supports needs to change.

You do not need to take large doses of anything, food or vitamins or herbs.  The point is not “the more the better”.  All these substances carry an energy and what you are doing is introducing an energy and asking your body and your cells to resonate with these substances creating a symbiotic relationship of wholeness.  You need small doses only… for your body to not be flooded with new energy, but to have a chance to simply resonate with the herb, the vitamin or even the food you eat. The key is where your awareness is when you eat or take a supplement.  Pay attention to what your are eating or drinking.  Bless your food or your herb, thank them and hold them in your hands a few moments before ingesting.  This is conscious awareness but it is also a process of aligning the energy of your body with the herb or supplement so that it recognizes the substance when you take it. Then, the field you generate in the gratitude you have for the herb will be healing in itself and then this will  enhance the innate properties of the substance.  You need to do that with all the food you eat, pray with gratitude.  That is why prayers and blessings at meals (although misguided these days) has true wisdom in it as you change the field of energy around the food before you eat and align in yourself with gratitude and with your heart before you eat.

Water and exercise will clear your lymphatic system which is very important at all times.  You need to have a deeper trust in your body to clear itself, to heal itself, to strengthen itself.  Over stimulating your system can weaken you, too many outside interventions can weaken you.  The theme is resourcefulness: Re -Source- Fullness.  Regarding and bringing yourself into conscious awareness of the source of all you are and filling your beingness.  Sourcing your  true self and filling yourself with what is.  Like the word re-set.  Re- source…remind yourself of the source that is within you…spirit…source your own power and wisdom.  That is the work, that is the destination, go within to the source of all.  The heart.  Love.”


“According to where we are in 2008, many of us may have been feeling as if we are wading through a perceptual fogginess. This may manifest as an inability to explain to ourselves exactly what has been going on, or to perceive with any sense of surety where we are headed. Or both. This somewhat misty perceptual condition is the intended experiential environment right now, so we are to have no concern about it.

We are now moving from 2007, which is a 9-year, into 2008, which is a 1-year. We are now transitioning from a frequency whose primary intent is completion, into one whose primary intent is commencement. We are in the midst of an ending and a beginning.

If there is ever a time to use the expression “between a rock and a hard place,” this is it. However, within the context of this transition, this expression does not necessarily refer to being in the midst of great difficulty and discomfort. It refers to having one foot lifting off from a world that is now a dying concept, with the other foot simultaneously touching down into a world that defies the limitations of conceptualization.

As we enter and move through 2008, it is highly recommended we trust only what is sourced from, or mirrored within, our personal experience—whether this mirroring occurs through our actual physical circumstances, our internally generated mental insights, or simply through felt-resonance.

It is now highly beneficial to let go of the necessity to understand something in order for it to be valid.

Many are going to interpret the events of the next twelve months, and a large portion of these interpretations will be channeled through emotional body lenses soiled with unintegrated fear, anger, and grief.

It is going to take brave and courageous vigilance not to allow other’s fearful, angry, or grieving projections to impact the course of our actions.

Possibly the most important insight about this next twelve months is this: When it comes to matters relating to our individual and collective human evolution, if anything is really crucial for us to know, we will be personally in-formed.

In other words, the vibrational frequencies being activated throughout 2008 do not require outer broadcast systems to impact our awareness, or to be certified as valid. If an event is truly significant, authentic, and relevant, we will receive a transmission about it “internally,” simultaneously, as a common experience. In this light, 2008 is the birthing of common experience, and our primary task throughout it is to be vulnerable to receiving.

A more precise way of describing what the nature of the shift is from 2007 and into 2008 is this:

The movement away from male calculation into feminine insight

The movement away from male domination into feminine allowing

The movement away from male learning into feminine remembrance

The movement away from “getting a head” into “opening our hearts”

The movement away from male segregation into feminine integration

The movement away from male understanding into feminine intuition

The movement away from calculated getting into the surrender of receiving.

Our Inner Climate

by Maya Christobel


The chaos of the planet is increasing as is the fear stream that surrounds it.  The more it increases the more you need to counteract it with a posture of faith and hope and love.  Cultivate intentional ways to create moments and experiences for yourself every day that foster a FEELING of love and joy.  Animals, movies, cooking, music, gardening, dancing, smiling, especially smiling.  Make it a habit to walk down the street and smile.  Smile at those you don’t know.  Say hello and smile in the grocery story.  Find one elderly person, an animal, a child, your friend.  Random acts of kindness used to be allot.  Now it needs to be intentional acts of love and kindness as much as possible. It will change you at a cellular level which then changes the planet.  If you say “Oh I do not have the time”, then stop and reconstruct your life so you do and so it is a priority. Your health, your life and the planet itself depends on each of you doing these things.

Disequilibrium, the poles shifting, being off balance at the core of the planet, a new position in the photon belt all contribute to human beings feeling off balance.  Literally and figuratively.  Saying you are “out of sorts”, “not feeling yourself”, “off balance”, “not centered” all reflect the physical truth of the changes going on on the planet.  You are so focused on global warming which is important to be aware of but you do not see the real ramifications of the rising seas and the melting ice or the higher temperatures.  If you can already understand that “we are all one and the same”  and only apply that knowing to humans…all being connected to one another, all being of the same spirit and born of the same love, then you are missing the depth of the point.  You as humans are not simply “all one”…but everything is everything.  Animals, plants, rocks, humans yes all the same…but everything that happens outside of you happens inside of you and visa versa.

The planet’s temperature heats up and so do peoples emotions, the tides rise and so does blood pressure and hormones, the poles shift and so do moods and physical wellness.  This is not simply a time to understand unity consciousness from a human epic standpoint but to finally understand the you are the planet and the planet is you.  That you are the earth herself and that the earth reflects you and your choices in the same ways that you will embody the physical realities of change on the planet (earthquakes, toxic overload).  If the wind is fierce outside so will your feelings feel more fierce than usual.  There are those who want to shift and change global warming who are making strategies to deal with the issues associated with the problems of extinction and change.  So, you must also do the same strategizing of how to responsibly deal with your inner shifts, of keeping equilibrium, of expressing your feelings in responsible and honest ways, of listening to your body need new things, new kinds of spiritual exercise and rest.  Above all rest.

Change requires reaching a new equilibrium, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Therefore each of you need time, space and rest to create integration.  It is not enough to “know” with your mind that things are changing, that you are tired and don’t really know why, that you feel out of sorts, it is imperative that you honor what you know with a changed life, changed priorities and changed routines.  This kind of living for most of you is truly a warriors path.  The times you are in require a warriors mind and heart.  We do not mean warrior in the ways that your planet has lived.  We mean living a life with a singular focus on responsible action based upon a clear mind, a brave and open heart and intentions born out of love and gratitude, not out of greed and hatred.  This is a new kind of warrior. To become this warrior you must open your heart, first to yourself and then to the world.  Honor the new demands for rest and reflection, honor your instincts and intuition, honor your need to say no to others and yes to yourself, honor your own spirit as it guides you with certainty and clarity.

Time is of the Essence

by Maya Christobel

“As we have been saying to you, the transition and change that is happening right now is change that must first be addressed on the inner planes and include the larger spiritual picture. The state of your health, your heart and your mind has everything to do with how you meet the challenges that are here right now and mounting around the world. Your ability to hold the circumstances you face with energy that transforms fear or death to hope and life is the most important task at hand. As within … so without. This is the mantra of the moment.

So, what you see “without” is a result of too many people on the planet having an inner life driven by greed and hatred, by entitlement and soul loss. So, then you look around at the circumstances in both the weather and the global playing field and that is all you see dominating the world stage: Greed, entitlement, hatred, unconsciousness and soul loss.
This “projection of an inner condition” can only change with those whose inner condition is the opposite: Hopeful, loving, inclusive, soulful.

Yet, we understand that the situations that are going to affect your daily living circumstance concern you and that you want to meet these difficulties with awareness and preparation. First, we want to say that there is no way to be prepared in large ways. There are incremental ways to prepare and they are simple things that we will delineate for you. First and most important is being informed and knowledgeable. Yet, so many changes will occur so quickly that you cannot keep up. You must learn that the energy crisis is a crisis of spirit and that your energy in these next months must center on generating stability and hope not fear.

Uriel Speaking: “So, what is the worst thing that can happen to any of you? You die. So what? You must understand how true this is. So what you die and then continue in another form. What you are all afraid of is imagined pain. So, restructure your relationship to pain. Being cold or hot or thirsty or hungry or diseased or surrounded by death and fear are real fears for you, we do understand this. But from our vantage point, these things are in fact temporary states and do not mean much at all. Your species is designed to think and feel very keenly about any kind of physical survival issue. If you have little to protect then noone will come take it. If they do, give it to them. If you are hungry then make room for more food in your home and then share it willingly with those that arrive on your doorstep. If you have no more money then barter your gifts and time or sell something. If you have little of value then you are lucky in many ways. Just use your minds to think out of the box and simply… get food, get water and get close to one another. We have talked about this before. If you fully understand that you are not alone even in the dark times ahead then you will continue to manifest what you need even in times of scarcity.

So, here is a glimpse of the possible future shaping itself right now on the world stage. Yes the USA and the Bush regime want to go to war with Iran and is positioning itself in
Georgia for that purpose in order to do two things. One is to derail the election in November and to create opportunity to take over territory that has oil available. You could consider this move on the part of the USA like the Armageddon you all talk about. Your rights as citizens will be impaired but they already are a sham in our opinion. Your American rights are an illusion.

Your economy will collapse and in that you need to have some money and things to get what you need but you can get by with very little. You must remember that this is supposed to happen. There will be intervention from outside your planet so you do not destroy yourselves entirely. This is a good thing. Your global crisis is a cosmic opportunity.

As for what to do now? We have talked to you about gold as the wisest investment, about investing in food and water accessibility and medicine for yourself and your family. You need to trust your own instincts on where to live or be when this happens, which will be soon. Whatever structure or system you have used to invest money in or hold your assets for you, reconsider them and make your money available and not tied to stocks or banks or mortgages.

Life is changing, death is a part of life, and this is an entire transformation for your planet. You can be joyful in this even if your were to die or become ill or loose everything. Continue to find the opportunity in it all. Continue to laugh. Do what you can from where you are. Make sure you evaluate your motives for anything from your highest intuition and your heart. Do not make decisions from fear but from feeling informed and strong in your decision. Your mind is not reliable because it cannot grasp the complexity of the moment and is only concerned with physical survival. Keep yourself aware of what is going on without crossing over into fear or overload. Continue to meditate on how you want to be during these times. Do all this in the company of one another.”

(note: For those concerned with references to Extra-Terrestrial interventions I recommend the documentary, “The Phoenix Lights” as the best documentary on the subject.)

1 Response to Cosmos: Channelled by Maya Christobel

  1. Matthew says:


    Regarding “Technical Support From the Universe”—
    I fully agree that our hearts continued opening is of the utmost importance. It can easily be argued that the current status quo reality, operating within so very many of us, has contributed to the difficulties we see being expressed all over the place. A heart centered person can not commit the atrocities we witness. My greatest work is within the realm of the heart, my heart, and feeling in general. As opening continues further, new choices and possibilities become apparant. Hooray.

    While it is so clear that how many of us relate to one another face to face is not what it could be, and I for one continue to struggle with this—I am surprising mself to admit that, through technology I am seeing myself particpate at a higher level in my interactions with others. Not only am I meeting new people, many of whom are closely aligned with my values, but there is a new me showing up. Certainly the safety of taking the time to truly get clear about what I wish to express helps. And watching myself become more in my heart during these encounters, granted not face to face, they are still providing me with very rich opportunities. And this then allows me to want to make my everday encounters that much more rewarding and fulfilling.

    Surely reading an email isn’t the same as being in a loving embrace, but I can feel embraced even when I am by myself, reading someones heartfelt words, just in a different way. And if I feel into that, it can allow me to open even more.

    A potential downside would be remaining stuck alone with my computer and not engaging fully with my world right here. And certainly as well, it is not a given that anything currently in use today will be so for who knows how much longer. Vast challenges are coming. Being able to be a loving human being with much much less of these non-sustainable devices will be imperative. And yes I am concerned about what the digital age has put before our younger people. There is so much that we’ve barked up the wrong tree about, but we are being led to question all of it. Are we up to the changes that we can imagine?

    So I am watching myself not being as opposed to digital communing as I would’ve imagined myself to be. It’s been a marvelous teaching for me.

    I very much appreciate the notions of turning it off though for significant periods of time to engage in all of the postings positive endeavors. And taking that heartfelt communing awareness of connectivity with me wherver I happen to be! Can we feel thoroughly connected to everything, everywhere, in every moment?

    Thank you so much for sharing your channeling with all of us Maya!

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