Another Blog? Why?

Welcome back to The Heart Space which is now being updated and added to regularly as of Jan. 26, 2011.  Please visit to hear about World Events through a cosmic lens, read amazing inspiring poetry, hear about how it is to accompany a parent through the dying process, tap into channelled material on living on a planet in peril, and talk with me about what lites a fire under you!

We are each facing more and more change in our lives from every aspect of what it is to be human, relationships, finances, discovering what inspires us, asking ourselves how to meet the growing needs of people everywhere and simply how to remain joyful in the face of a perilous possible future.  So this Blog will offer informed glimpses into all these areas of concern with insight, discernment and love.

The post that will be every few days will be primarily inpirational and channelled material and other relevant posts are on the page called “Cosmos“.  Many of the posts in the archives span over three years but each post is timeless in their teaching.

To know about who I am, why this Blog was spiritually inspired and how to learn more about my work please go to the page called “Maya“.

Also, please visit my blog for more eye opening news from the animals who are our greatest teachers. The link is in the Blogroll to your right which full of great links to explore.  Thank you for visiting!

Blessings to you, Maya Christobel

And Let us begin this journey with the Pure Joy of Laughing.

We should all start each day with this video.

1 Response to Another Blog? Why?

  1. Karine Vereecken says:

    Great, thank you. Karine

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